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Notes 笔记 筆記 

*The total distance is about 35km. From Karuizawa Station to Oiwakejuku, it is a gentle climb, but after that it is mostly downhill.

*Please wear clothing suitable for cycling. Luggage cannot be stored, so please participate with a rucksack.

* During the tour, you can enjoy gourmet food at 3 places, but drinks are not included. Please bring your own drinks.

*If you bring a bicycle, please be sure to bring a helmet.

*Dissolution in front of Tanaka Station. If you are returning to Karuizawa Station, please take the "Shinano Railway Cycle Train Karuizawa Resort No. 4 (1 car charter)" departing from Tanaka Station at 15:50. The train fare (720 yen) will be the actual cost (local settlement). If you are returning to Ueda Station, the staff will collect the rental bicycles at Tanaka Station. Please note that the "Shinano Railway Cycle Train" only departs from Tanaka Station at 15:48 (bound for Karuizawa).

*A support car will accompany the tour.

*If more than one person is participating, please fill in the application form for each person and send it.

*The tour will be held with due consideration to measures against infectious diseases, but it does not completely prevent infection with the new coronavirus. Please note that the organizer will not be responsible for compensation or compensation in case of infection.

* Depending on the future situation of the new coronavirus, the event may be canceled. In that case, the tour price will be fully refunded.

*The tour may be canceled depending on the weather on the day. In that case, the tour price will be fully refunded.

*Please note that we will be interviewed on the day of the tour, and we will take photos and videos of the tour and use them for PR purposes.

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